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Space-Cast! #21. Turncoats on Turncoats

Wee Aquinas has strong feelings about linen.

Today on the Space-Cast!, we’re joined by Matilda Simonsson of Milda Matilda Games, designer (and crafter) of Turncoats. Listen in as we discuss the inspirations, production, and implications of a game that seems ten times its size.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps can be found after the jump.

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You Turncoat Me Right Round Baby

I realize the lyric is "you spin me right round baby." But I always hear it as "you turn me right round baby." So this title is a pun on how I mishear that song. Deal with it.

There aren’t nearly enough shared control games. Matilda Simonsson, sole proprietor of Milda Matilda Games, apparently agrees, because she’s gone ahead and designed what could be described as the Platonic ideal of shared control. Inspired by the work of Cole Wehrle — glad I’m not the only one — every copy is crafted by hand. More importantly, it cuts to the heart of what makes shared control so dynamic and exciting.

Spoiler: Turncoats is absolute fire.

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