Here at Space-Biff!, I pride myself on creating insightful written board game criticism. However, this isn’t quite as easy as it looks. Unless you think it looks similar to wrangling a herd of rhinoceroses in mating season, then okay, it’s actually a lot easier.

My goal for this site has always been twofold. First, to craft the sort of criticism that I want to see elsewhere. In my experience, a truly valuable write-up captures the reviewer’s experience with a game. It’s deeply subjective, merging insightful analysis with measured writing and a healthy dollop of humor. The second goal is to write exactly what I want to write. While many sites carefully control their word counts and topics, here at Space-Biff! there are no advertisers to kowtow to, no editors-in-chief fretting over how a particular take will engage with this or that metric, and no publishers insisting that the year’s biggest release should be more important than some small-box indie title.

At Space-Biff!, what you see is what you get. My goal is to produce the best board game reviews you’ve ever read. And if you find what I do helpful or worthwhile, please consider taking a trip over to my Patreon page and becoming a supporter. I also appreciate onetime donations via Ko-fi.

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