Space-Cast! #21. Turncoats on Turncoats

Wee Aquinas has strong feelings about linen.

Today on the Space-Cast!, we’re joined by Matilda Simonsson of Milda Matilda Games, designer (and crafter) of Turncoats. Listen in as we discuss the inspirations, production, and implications of a game that seems ten times its size.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps can be found after the jump.


1:07 — how to pronounce Turncoats (in Swedish)
4:33 — getting to know Matilda
9:55 — describing Turncoats
14:09 — crafting a handmade game
19:54 — games as artifacts
23:08 — the secret setting of Turncoats
25:58 — using Pax Pamir and The King Is Dead as inspirations
34:57 — does Turncoats impart a message?
39:54 — what’s next for Milda Matilda Games?


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  1. What a lovely interview! Thanks for introducing us to Matilda and her wonderful design of Turncoats.

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