Space-Cast! #24. Air, Land, & Snap

Wee Aquinas does not approve of AL&S's WW2 setting. His idea of warfare included more catapults.

Like everybody else, Jon Perry and Dan Thurot have been playing Marvel Snap. Unlike everybody else, Jon Perry has designed games such as Time Barons, Scape Goat, and — more relevantly — Air, Land, & Sea. Listen in as we discuss lane battlers, Marvel Snap, the perils of porting digital games to tabletop, and much more.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps are after the jump.


00:35 — introducing Jon Perry
6:13 — lane battlers
15:16 — Air, Land, & Sea
38:33 — Marvel Snap
44:38 — the Snap itself and the advantages of digital play
1:09:22 — adapting digital to tabletop
1:19:47 — advantages of analog gaming
1:23:30 — ideas to steal back from Marvel Snap


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  1. I really like the term Schotten-Tots, too, to describe those lane battlers. AL&S has been a GREAT addition that family of games and ranks right up there with Battle Line and Omen as my faves. I’ve just begun my foray into “snapping”. Wish me luck!

  2. I thought it was impressive that they were so magnanimous about Marvel Snap but then the Quacks shaped sting in the tale was quite funny.

    I wonder if in the cases of parallel invention there’s a root inspiration that is in fact an anti inspiration which simultaneously creates space for an obvious twist or modification but because the twist is so good it obscures the root.

    (sort of like how bad writing can create the rules for good writing by accident)

  3. I am way behind on my podcasts and just listened to this. Since you are a fan of lane-battlers and deckbuilders, I highly recommend checking out Solforge Fusion. It is a five-lane battler where the cards you play get ‘upgraded’ into your discard pile, and later shuffled back into your deck. So cards played both help your board-state, and also serve as an investment for later. The admin of moving cards around takes some getting used to. Ultimately it becomes as automatic as other cost-mechanics like throwing some tokens in the bank or discarding some cards.

    In any case, I would be interested to see what you think about this game. You can get a 4-pack of decks for $10 but you’ll need to supply your own d10s to keep track of life/attack.

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