Space-Cast! #23. Watch Out! That’s an Amabel!

Wee Aquinas doesn't stake vampires. He stakes rude vampire hunters.

Once again we’re joined by Amabel Holland. This year, we discuss her forthcoming freebie game Watch Out! That’s a Dracula!, along with legacy games, textually queer games, and a transition in the tone of her work.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps are after the jump.


00:35 — Dracula talk
3:15 — introducing Watch Out! That’s a Dracula! (and a few children’s books)
13:02 — auctions and social deduction
22:24 — what does Dracula want?
28:29 — Kaiju Table Battles and legacy games
34:30 — Gridlock and textually queer games
37:37 — a transition in Amabel’s catalog
45:34 — Hollandspiele: victims of their own success


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  1. Love the cameos from Mary 🙂

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