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Space-Cast! #23. Watch Out! That’s an Amabel!

Wee Aquinas doesn't stake vampires. He stakes rude vampire hunters.

Once again we’re joined by Amabel Holland. This year, we discuss her forthcoming freebie game Watch Out! That’s a Dracula!, along with legacy games, textually queer games, and a transition in the tone of her work.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps are after the jump.

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Draculas, Frankensteins, Woofmans

foot fetish freaks, eat your hearts out

Every year, Amabel Holland designs a freebie game for Hollandspiele’s Hollandays sale. In the past, certain of these freebies have even been among the year’s best.

Watch Out! That’s a Dracula! might be my favorite yet. And not only because it treats Dracula like an absolute doofus.

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