Space-Cast! #16. A Nicaea Conversation

At last! Wee Aquinas is home.

Nearly seventeen hundred years ago, a bunch of theology nerds were called together to answer one simple question: what is the nature of God? Their answer has shaped the way we’ve thought about the divine ever since. That’s the topic of Amabel Holland’s Nicaea, plus an irreverent twist or two. Today, Amabel joins us to chat about orthodoxy, heresy, and the politicking that happened in between the extremes all those years ago.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps can be found after the jump.


2:15 — a church kid designs a game about Nicaea
10:55 — the unexpected tone of Nicaea
22:36 — the theology of Nicaea
45:52 — what is the value (or non-value) of orthodoxy?
53:35 — canons and schisms
57:47 — shared incentives and religious councils
1:02:37 — Amabel’s relationship with orthodoxy
1:08:13 — “play as worship”
1:11:28 — religious trauma
1:18:44 — Nicaea’s reception and the perils of political design
1:32:20 — what does Amabel want somebody to take from Nicaea?


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  1. A very interesting interview, as always. I really enjoy the way you let your guests talk after slightly nudging them in a direction.

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