Space-Cast! #1. Go Play a Summoner War

Wee Aquinas is very proud of this header arrangement.

After three unbearable years, the Space-Biff! Space-Cast! is back! And to celebrate this momentous occasion, Dan Thurot and Brock Poulsen are joined by Colby Dauch to talk about a much more important revival: the independence of Plaid Hat Games. We also chat about Summoner Wars old and new, Dungeon Run (that’s Brock’s fault), and Forgotten Waters.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps and a clue can be found after the jump.

3:00 – Plaid Hat Games and independence
6:34 – Summoner Wars
32:10 – Summoner Wars, 2nd Edition
1:01:23 – Dungeon Run
1:03:35 – Forgotten Waters

Join us next time, when we’ll be talking a cold drink of meltwater.


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  1. Very good stuff! It’s a pleasure to hear the Space-Cast! come back. And I can’t wait to hear your discussion about Meltwater!

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