Space-Cast! #22. My Father’s Interview

Wee Aquinas holds moral objections to these proceedings.

Have you ever gone mad pursuing a parent’s ambition? That’s the topic of T.C. Petty III’s My Father’s Work, a game of intergenerational trauma, weird science, and scaring off your loved ones. Also an app.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps can be found after the jump.


1.28 — the elevator pitch for My Father’s Work
5:45 — designing an intergenerational game
11:50 — journaling and Anton Chekhov
21:26 — thematic/mechanical cohesion
27:04 — handling sanity in a game
37:40 — the beginning of My Father’s Work
47:00 — honesty through not pulling one’s punches
59:50 — the complexity of designing branching paths
1:26:04 — are we in a golden age of gaming?


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