Space-Cast! #11. Beyond the Cardboard

Wee Aquinas can't help but note that today is Saturday, which likely means very little listenership for this episode.

As promised, today we’re talking about nothing but tech trees — specifically, Dennis Chan’s Beyond the Sun, a game about exploring the far reaches of the galaxy by climbing the branches of the humble technology tree. Along the way, we discuss some of Dennis’s inspirations, favorite tech systems, and whether Dan is bad at traversing outer space.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps can be found after the jump.


1:30 — the origins of Dennis Chan’s game design journey
6:08 — what is Beyond the Sun?
10:00 — focusing on the tech tree
18:15 — design based on Eurogame design vs. interest in the subject matter
24:30 — the ideas behind the tech tree
31:55 — development and compression
37:38 — are we bad at the game?
43:22 — least-favorite technologies
48:45 — balance and imbalance

Next time, we’re discussing the difficult issue of slavery in board games, and some possible ways to evaluate and deal sensitivity with the topic.


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