Pack O Review: LIE

faintly depressing

Between HUE and TAJ, the first Pack O Game has at least proved that games the size of a few sticks of spearmint gum can be compelling. So how about LIE?

nope, nothing extra here either

Yeah. That’s about it.

It’s Liar’s Dice.

That’s all. A more compact version of Liar’s Dice, except the distribution of your “dice” is more limited. Because there are only so many cards, and since each card only offers two outcomes rather than six, there’s more likely to be a readily-predictable ceiling on everyone’s wager. So it goes.

Look, Liar’s Dice is a perfectly fine game. It’s easy to play, only requires some dice and some liars, and even your weird aunt who you only see once a year can handle it. It’s the sort of game you can play while catching up. A social thing.

LIE is that, sans dice and plus some cards. It’s tiny. Even tinier than a little baggie of dice. Which means it gets my wholehearted recommendation if you’re desperate to play Liar’s Dice but can’t bother to wrap your fingers around a handful of hexahedrons.

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