How to Raise a Board Game Baby

Just the humble view from Château de Thurot.

Now that Baby Cate has somehow survived to the age of four months, I get a lot of questions from fans, mostly while shopping at the supermarket. One of the most common queries is “How did you raise your child to appreciate board games?”

Well, wonder no longer! The stellar folks here at Space-Biff! have assembled a helpful how-to. Within hours, your own child will be begging to play board games with you!

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  1. digitalpariah76

    The look in Cate’s eyes when she gazes at the camera…..”Please, call Child Protective Services!”

    She’s adorable though. Must take after her mum.

  2. I love that movie!

    If anyone is confused:

  3. will have to try this

  4. That was funnier than it had any right to be. And props for finding some use for AAA even though it’s so outdated these days.

  5. I was astounded by the sound effects.

    • digitalpariah76

      Likewise. And the “Making of” section at the end blew my mind. “So THAT’S how they did the plane effects!”

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