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How to Raise a Board Game Baby

Just the humble view from Château de Thurot.

Now that Baby Cate has somehow survived to the age of four months, I get a lot of questions from fans, mostly while shopping at the supermarket. One of the most common queries is “How did you raise your child to appreciate board games?”

Well, wonder no longer! The stellar folks here at Space-Biff! have assembled a helpful how-to. Within hours, your own child will be begging to play board games with you!

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How to Write a Board Game Manual

I was going to do a picture of all my manuals together until I realized how much work that would take.

Hi there! I’m Dan Thurot. I’m not a professional at writing board game rulebooks, but I’m here to tell you how to write board game rulebooks.

If you’re now thinking, Well why the hell should I listen to you?, here’s my response: Wow. That was kind of harsh. Maybe I’m just some dummy, but I’m a dummy who reads a freighter’s worth of board game manuals every year, and I’ve come to appreciate certain details that make them easier to read and much better at actually teaching me your game. What follows is a list of ten tips I’d appreciate you following the next time you’re seated at your computer trying to type out your new board game’s rules.

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How to Pose as an Indie Reviewer

<Insert hilarious pun.>

Conquest of Elysium 3, a typical indie game. As in, not AAA.

It’s hard to jumpstart a career as a AAA reviewer these days. The market is competitive, and the whole reason you play eighteen hours of games a day means that “competitive” sounds about as appealing as licking a plantar wart.

Have no fear! By following these 20 easy steps, you too can soon be reviewing indie games with the best of them. As we go along, we’ll take a look at an actual review of an indie game as an example of how to pose as an indie reviewer (Conquest of Elysium 3 review, found here).

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