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How to Raise a Board Game Baby

Just the humble view from Château de Thurot.

Now that Baby Cate has somehow survived to the age of four months, I get a lot of questions from fans, mostly while shopping at the supermarket. One of the most common queries is “How did you raise your child to appreciate board games?”

Well, wonder no longer! The stellar folks here at Space-Biff! have assembled a helpful how-to. Within hours, your own child will be begging to play board games with you!

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The Thurotyville Horror

This is my favorite font. It's called "Hawaii Lover." Yep.

When people recognize me on the street this time of year, one of the most common questions I get is, “How do you guys over at Château de Thurot spend your Halloween?” A natural curiosity, considering our legendary rambunctiousness.

Well, I’ve put together a little video to answer that question, because our holiday celebrations might seem just a smidge unconventional to the uninitiated. You can find it below.

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“Gatsby? What Gatsby?”

I really don't have anything to say. Yet.

The Great Gatsby, 2013.

I finally saw Baz Luhrmann’s riotous take on Fitzgerald’s American classic The Great Gatsby last night, and I must say it was without a doubt the most vivid and energetic thing I’ve seen all year. For the entirety of its running time, I felt as though my eyes and ears were being boarded and pillaged by a raucous band of neon pirates.

However, I have one little suggestion for Baz Luhrmann and everyone involved with the production of this 2013 update on the original classic. You can find it below.