Best Week 2013: The Index

I figured I'd put an actual good game on here. But only this once!

I do these index posts for two reasons. First, because I’m a bit obsessive about indexing. I just love it. Mmm, indexing. And second, because every time I write a multi-part series, there are one or two people who request that I compile all the parts into a melange of linky goodness. I’m going to pretend the second reason is the one that actually compels me to do it. Sure isn’t my OCD, nuh uh, nothing to see here.

Anyway, with 2013 days behind us, now is probably a good time to do the index of all my best-of and top-games stuff from last year. Before I forget. And also before it’s completely irrelevant. So here it is: all my favorite games from 2013, plus some from 2012 that came out at the tail end of the year or that I just counted as 2013 games for some reason. Enjoy, and here’s to 2014!

Alone / Co-Op Time: My Top Five Solo and Cooperative Games

Runner-Up: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
#5. Dark Darker Darkest
#4. Shadows Upon Lassadar: The Siege Trilogy
#3. Mice and Mystics
#2. Darkest Night
#1. Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island

The Appetizers: My Top Five Filler Games

Runners-Up: Stone & Relic, 7-Card Slugfest, Titanium Wars, The Agents
#5. Quarantine
#4. Quantum
#3. Eight-Minute Empire
#2. Space Cadets: Dice Duel
#1. Eight-Minute Empire: Legends

Expanded: My Top Five Expansions

#5. Archipelago: Solo Expansion
#4. Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport
#3. Core Worlds: Galactic Orders
#2. Darkest Night: With an Inner Light
#1. Summoner Wars: Second Summoners (1, 2, 3)

Head-to-Heads: My Top Ten Two-Player Games

#10. The Valkyrie Incident
#9. Hemloch: Vault of Darkness
#8. Cube Quest
#7. The Convoy
#6. BattleLore (Second Edition)
#5. Coin Age
#4. Omen: A Reign of War (Olympus Edition)
#3. Pixel Tactics 1 & 2
#2. The Duke
#1. BattleCON: Devastation of Indines

The (Other) Games of the Year: My Top Ten Favorite Games Not on the Other Lists

#10. Firefly: The Game
#9. Clash of Cultures
#8. City of Remnants
#7. BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia
#6. City of Iron
#5. The Quiet Year
#4. Ladies & Gentlemen
#3. Archipelago
#2. Tomorrow
#1. Kemet

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  1. Your an indexing addict. Look at all those links that make the search function a thing of the past 😉

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