Summoner Wars Mega #5: Tundra Orcs vs. Shadow Elves

A Brief Post-Game Chat

Somerset: Well, good game, honeypants.

Dan: Thanks! Good game to you too; it was intense. I think the most important thing to talk about is the Hydrake Pen.

Somerset: That was my most favorite thing to happen in a game ever.

Dan: It’s among mine as well.

Somerset: Take that you three-headed dog monster!

Dan: It changed up the dynamic of what was going on so completely that I thought the end of the game would be Selundar backed into a corner, fighting desperately for his life, and praying Hydrake would break through Bragg’s super Ice Walls and show up like the cavalry at the last minute.

Somerset: On the other hand, the ignominious death belonged to Grognack, sniveling in the corner after an ill-advised push forward that cost him four life points in one turn.

Dan: I got phenomenally lucky with my attacks on him. We were both gambling by that point.

Somerset: I knew you were holding those Stalking Advance events because they hadn’t showed up in your discard pile, and I moved him into a vulnerable position anyway. Worst mistake ever. I guess it had to happen to balance out my sweet Hydrake Pen.

Dan: I feel we both made mistakes with our Summoner placement. You pushed Grognack at the wrong time, and I put Selundar into a spot where I thought you’d push forward with your Fighters and Chargers and I banked on them failing their rolls so he could step out of the shadows and roll a big pile of dice on them. Then you ran up and slapped him silly. Lesson learned: don’t bank on the Tundra Orcs not getting their rolls.

Somerset: Talk about luck. My Fighters were doing really well, especially right at the start, and there at the end when they kept hitting Selundar.

Dan: I was glad they used up your Fury luck by the time Ragnor showed up.

Somerset: Yeah, he ended up being pretty useless to me. On another topic, boy was that rough with all three Shadows events right at the beginning of the game.

Dan: Rough for me too until you started killing my guys. I held onto all three for a few turns, and your darn Shaman kept missing my Ranger.

Somerset: My luck was to draw all three of my champions in the first three hands.

Dan: Ouch. I hate that. I got Hydrake in my first draw, which is why I didn’t summon for a while.

Somerset: Well, he was pretty scary until I put him in time-out.

Dan: [laughs] That will get brought up for the rest of time. Anyway, Bragg was obnoxious.

Somerset: I’m glad I brought him. Much smaller chance of Hydrake escaping his pen.

Dan: Well, thanks for reading! Next week we’ll have more Summoner Wars goodness. And this time, it’ll be one of the weirder matchups…

Poll: When I write [laughs], does it look as contrived as it feels when I write it?

Next week: Guild Dwarves vs. The Filth.

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  1. That was a damn good match! I love the Hydrake pen! Too bad about TO not winning… I thought they would, oh well. Next time, I’m guessing GD.

  2. Lovely to have those moments in games that can be brought up and bring a smile. Fantastic game, looking forward to the next one. Hope Dan doesn’t pull ahead next match, the tension is too much fun.


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