Summoner Wars Mega #4: Cloaks vs. Benders

A Brief Post-Game Chat

Somerset: I guessed this game would be a long one, and it ended up being our longest so far! How many rounds was that? 16?

Dan: Close. 17. Nearly twice as long as our other games. If not in rounds, then in actual time.

Somerset: Yep, we stayed up late for this one.

Dan: For reference for our readers, it’s now 12:30am.

Somerset: It was grueling.

Dan: “Grueling” is a good word for it. And yeah, looking back over your pre-game thing, you called it. Want to explain why you thought this match would take so long?

Somerset: Both teams are so… in-the-shadows types. So lots of waiting for the perfect set of circumstances, lots of stopping to think, lots of ranged units, and lots of low-life units meaning that we traded spaces a lot. Though you did most of the trading.

Dan: A bit more. Magic economy was: Cloaks took 13, Benders took 8. That includes my random Magic Drain, and whatever happened to the Scrapper you mind-controlled.

Somerset: That Spy event on the very first turn was the worst thing that could have happened to me.

Dan: I agree. Very harsh.

Somerset: I can’t believe that both my Magic Drains were in those first five cards. And then you discarded my champion! My CHAMPION! That was mind-numbingly awful.

Dan: The hard part was choosing which of your cards to get rid of. I considered putting both Magic Drains on top and then killing off my guys so you’d spend the early game with a clogged hand, then I decided that would be too tricky to pull off.

Somerset: You made the right move and at the end of the game I made the wrong move and put them both in magic when I could have used them both to get the magic you used to summon Hawk.

Dan: Yeah, I was worried you would. Most of the time, right until the very end, you had more guys than I did. I think at that point we were both so worn down, both in the game and mentally, that we were making some silly mistakes. Anyway, how do you feel about your other champ picks? Because you mentioned that you didn’t like Kalu and Talu, but boy did they terrify me when they were rampaging around the middle.

Somerset: I decided to go a more common-heavy route, hence Sorgwen and the two-for-one duo of Kalu and Talu, but nothing really worked my way.

Dan: I was sure bummed when you used them to massacre Violet so handily. My worry was that I’d deal all but one wound to them and then you’d land the last blow, getting 2 magic right away.

Somerset: I was actually pretty happy when you put Violet down there, and what phenomenal luck in her missing her shots on Tacullu.

Dan: That was so obnoxious when she missed. I said a swear.

Somerset: Yes, I remember.

Dan: Do you remember which swear?

Somerset: All of them.

Dan: Oh, no I didn’t!

Somerset: I was surprised I stole one of your Raids. Talk about the least effective event I could ever take.

Dan: I only held onto it because that was the *one* event that had a faction-specific keyword on it. Anything else you could have used without mind controlling one of my units. I got rid of all my events early on. It was hard. Both Cloaks of Shadows, an early Assassinate, a turn-one Magic Drain. Took intense mental discipline.

Somerset: [laughs] I bet.

Dan: No other way to block a Bender, you know.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and come back next week for more Summoner Wars!

We're both hoping for something a bit more conventional. Should be 50% better.

Next week: Tundra Orcs vs. Shadow Elves.

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  1. Bam, Cloaks take the win, just as I expected! Good game!

    Next time, I vote Tundra Orcs. I suspect they’ll just overpower the weeny Shadow Elves, tricks or no.

  2. Goddamn, I’ve just realised that I missed the page tabs on the bottom of this series, I’ve only ever been reading the first page and wondering how the heck people managed to figure out who won.

    Hum back to rereading the series from the start and kicking myself for being a pillock!

    • Oh no! I was worried that would happen to someone!

      Problem is, the multiple page script in WordPress doesn’t automatically create a “Next Page” prompt, just the page numbers, and I’m far too lazy to delve into how to fix it.

      At least now you’ll be able to solve the mystery of who won each match! 🙂

  3. Good game you guys! Congrats do Dan on winning… his self-confidence probably needed the boost after last week.

    And yeah… might not be interesting, but I vote Tundra Orcs will take it next week too. They’re already overpowered, let alone against a team that requires trickery. And their plentiful walls make trickery… tricky.

  4. Good match. Spy was crazy powerful in that game. I too vote Tundra Orcs though I love it when those jerks lose.

  5. Carlos Henrique

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the content you bring to us. Outstanding quality and highly entertaining! I made a match yesterday, everyone was 3 players. Due to this we had to change the board so that it could accommodate all of us. I played with Vargath, my girlfriend from Shadow Elves and my uncle from Benders. It was a 5:20 game because we are beginners. But it was a PHENOMENAL match. Several twists and uncertainties of who to defend or to whom to attack. But in the end, I won by having destroyed both Summoner’s. The last one I destroyed, the Tacullu, I had to hit 3 dice to beat him, or the next I would receive 3 attacks and I only have one hit point left. And dude, I hit the dice 3, to the delirium of us all. It was very good, very much. I just wanted to share. Big hug!!!!!

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