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Not-So-Humble Indie Bundle

I would pay two hundred dollars to play a game with all these characters.

7 days left to get possibly the best indie bundle I’ve ever seen.

I’m supposed to be finishing up a complainy article on Max Payne 3, but that’s just going to have to get pushed back to tomorrow, because this news is a time-bomb—a piñata time-bomb, filled with delicious joy and the good candies—like Arcor fruit candies, and no Necco Wafers in sight.

It’s the fifth Humble Indie Bundle, and it would behoove you to check it out and give them some money. You can pay basically any amount to get four incredible games, or pay above the average (about eight bucks) to get eight awesome indie games that will amaze and astound you. Five soundtracks (two of which I know personally to be fantastic) are included, and you get to choose (via sliders—everyone loves sliders!) how much of your contribution goes to the developers, the Humble Bundle site itself (for maintenance and such), and to two great charities—The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-profit group that works to defend digital rights, and the well-known Child’s Play has probably helped out a children’s hospital near you (if in doubt, you can take a gander at their map). If that sounds great, get to it: you have seven days left to be a part of this great bundle.

No reason to read beyond this unless you want a brief introduction to the games on display.

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Living at the End of the World: Lone Survivor

Unless you find intestines happy.

The happiest thing you're going to see this entire article.

I’m not the right person to talk about horror games, because deep down (this is a secret, so please don’t tell either of the people that are under the impression that I’m undiluted awesomesauce), I’m a weenie. I thought Doom 3 was really scary. System Shock 2? Never beat it. Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Played twenty minutes and had to take a shower. Terraria? Well, that floating eyeball boss is troubling.

I did, however, finish Lone Survivor from Superflat Games (which is Jasper Byrne). This was only possible because it’s the true awesomesauce. Let me tell you why.

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