Space-Cast! #26. Voting for Women

This image looks uncomfortably confrontational between Wee Aquinas and the Suffragist.

Now that Tory Brown’s supernal Votes for Women has escaped into the wild, it’s time to sit down and discuss the important questions. Listen in as we chat about approachable “war” games, the importance of understanding one’s political opposition, and why Brown chose to include a guano magnate’s whining about Emmeline Pankhurst. As a bonus, we also delve into the game’s relevance today.

Listen here or download here. Timestamps can be found after the jump.


1:14 — Votes for Women is now in the wild
5:48 — the origin of Votes for Women
17:28 — cards and dice
24:36 — games as education
27:57 — the interplay between semiotics and gameplay
35:57 — smoothness vs. fidelity?
46:06 — celebration rather than hagiography
57:36 — facsimiles
1:10:10 — designing Opposition
1:18:21 — pushback and real-world relevancy


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