Space-Cast! #25. Nonsense Words

"I know how that feels!" says Wee Aquinas, making the entire theophilosophical world blink twice and wonder what he could be talking about.

What’s the difference between a puzzle and a game? Heck if we know. Today’s Space-Cast delves into two puzzle titles by designer Blaž Gracar: the 18-card microgame All Is Bomb and the pen-and-transparent-sheet game LOK. Listen in as we discuss both games, the value of nonsense words, and share some of our favorite puzzle recommendations.

Listen here or download here. Timestamps can be found after the jump.


00:50 — introducing Blaž Gracar
6:32 — All Is Bomb
12:17 — designing a microgame with many expansions
19:27 — Blaž’s three favorite cards
23:34 — what’s next for All Is Bomb?
28:20 — a twelve-minute playtime and the value of developers
32:54 — LOK
38:40 — contrasting LOK with other paper puzzles
41:24 — the game’s unexpected origin
44:09 — game vs. puzzle?
47:20 — Lineon
49:42 — puzzle game recommendations


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