Space-Cast! #20. The Acts of the Interviewees

This once, Wee Aquinas is entirely on the interviewee's side.

Come to hear about Jeff Warrender’s The Acts of the Evangelists, stay for the rambling discussion about New Testament scholarship. Or don’t. Stay away, all ye who fear extended chats about religion, independent publication, and games as devotion.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps can be found after the jump.


00:33 — hesitation and expectations with a “Christian” game
5:18 — designing a Christian game
8:25 — what is The Acts of the Evangelists?
10:56 — independent publication
16:53 — games as religious devotion
22:21 — expressing perspectives or biases
43:04 — scholarship and religion
1:17:16 — what was removed from Acts?
1:28:29 — how can Acts be misread?
1:37:07 — reviewing my review

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  1. Great interview! Really enjoyed the discussion and insights into the making of this game.

  2. I luv this interview man.

  3. As a Christian and a boardgamer – which are two parts of my life that I rarely find to be interconnected – I have to say, this was a great interview to listen to. Thank you!

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