The Space-Biff! Space-Cast! Episode #4: Copycats of Catan

Where I come from, this is often referred to as a Zarahemlapalooza.

For the first time ever, Dan Thurot is joined by Rob Cramer and special guest Mark Henderson in order to shilly-shally about board game rip-offs, homages, and copycats. Highlight of the week: Settlers of Zarahemla, everyone’s favorite Mormon-themed Catanalike. And at 29:21, join the cast for the inaugural round of the Space-Biff! Space-Cast! Space-Guess!

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  1. Fun, interesting podcast!

  2. Agreed, that was a good podcast. My favorite nugget of a joke? The fact that, in a discussion about ripoffs, your music was a ripoff. I didn’t get that until it played again at the end, but then I busted up laughing.

  3. Very interesting discussion, fellows. I appreciated your take on how games build on one another much like musicians riff on one another’s stuff. Thanks for putting 13 Days on my radar. Oh, and thanks for sharing your Catan story, Dan, with that visual of literally getting whipped. Funny stuff. Well, maybe not funny for you.

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