Best Week 2015: The Index

All 177 of the unique titles played by SB! this year. We have achieved ULTIMATE FORM.

Once again that sad moment is upon us. Best Week 2015 is over, leaving us with nothing to do but say goodbye. Below are links to each day’s catalog of the best games of the year. Just click any of the pics to be magically whisked away to the correct list. Until 2016’s compilation, take care of yourselves!

Day One: Rebaked!

Prohibited Summoner Mysteries of Mesopotamia and their Entombed Vampire Stations of Dueling Walrus Diseases.

Day Two: Consternated!

Chaotic Congolese Artifacts of the 15th Century become Nevermore thanks to Ragnarök Colonialism, Aliens, and more Aliens, even when Somber.

Day Three: Overlooked!

Gory Historical Pirates Creep into Hotel National for Chinese Computer Seared Metals.

Day Four: Surprised!

Random Potions from God are like Witnessing the Mob Stealing Evolved Timecops, Mammoths, and Cyborgs.

Day Five: Left Over!

On Trains, Spies steal Art from Elder Aliens, then hide it Deep so the Raging Puzzled Starspawn search Afghanistan instead.


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  1. Thanks for getting my 2016 started off right with good humor and fresh takes on all that cardboard goodness from 2015. I’m eager to Pax Pamir to the table soon. So many good games to play!

  2. Jeez, does anyone else get the sense that Dan has more fun than everyone else? That pic was mind boggling.

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