Summoner Wars Mega #2: Vanguards vs. Mercenaries

A Brief Post-Game Chat

Dan: Well, that was incredibly tense.

Somerset: Yes. I am still not breathing normally.

Dan: [laughs] Me neither. You did really well. I thought I was going to have an easier time with that matchup.

Somerset: I felt pretty hard-pressed. I couldn’t move up at all!

Dan: The thing is though, I was burning through my deck so quickly with Rallul’s Draw Power that I thought for sure I was going to deck out before you. In that last bit, if just a couple dice had rolled differently, I was through, because I had nothing left.

Somerset: That was the goal. I was surprised my champions held out so long.

Dan: That’s the power of Sera’s healing for you. I was in a bad situation, probably worse than you realized. The one card I had in my hand was a useless Magic Pulse, and I was just holding onto it to psych you out. And I couldn’t kill Jacob Eldwyn for the longest time. I should go back and see how many wounds I gave him over time.

Somerset: He was a trooper. Even though I complained about not doing well with his Heaven’s Rain attack, he did cause a lot of damage, especially since you were sitting around my walls the whole time. My hand draws were rather unlucky: on my first draw I got Jacob and Archangel. Granted they were champions I wanted, just not so soon or together.

Dan: I hate that. I had extremely good luck with my champion draws this time. I got Rygos early and held onto him for a while (not that he did me much good), then got Duggle right when I wanted to summon behind your lines. At the end I had Hulgorad but there wasn’t any chance of affording him with how intense the battle was getting.

Somerset: I’d temporarily forgotten about that summoning to Stone Golems event. That was perfect. It was even in my pre-game plans to immediately kill any that came onto my side. My pre-play writeup is going to sound a little silly now.

Dan: Why’s that?

Somerset: I hid behind my walls reacting to things instead of being the aggressor like I wanted to be. And I knew I should have killed that Stone Golem! Why didn’t I listen to myself!

Dan: You even mentioned it.

Somerset: Great.

Dan: That would have been horrible. It took a really long time to set up. I was relieved you didn’t block me. I think that one Golem may have won the game for me. That and luck, of course.

Somerset: So what was the final die roll count?

Dan: We both missed 19 rolls.

Somerset: That’s crazy.

Dan: That’s all I’ll say.

Somerset: No! Tell me now how many you hit versus me!

Dan: I rolled 34/53 and you rolled 23/42. A significant disparity.

Somerset: I’m sure I didn’t kill very many of your units either.

Dan: That wasn’t so bad. I took 10 of yours, you took 7 of mine. Not too far off. Your early Summoning Surge, the one that let you afford Jacob Eldwyn out of nowhere, was really helpful too.

Somerset: I wish I had kept one for the end, it would have come in mighty handy. I happened to pick it up near the start, at the one point in the game when we had equal numbers of units, and as I mentioned I was holding onto two champions already. We seemed evenly matched at the start.

Dan: I’m learning that I’m better at mid- and late-game stuff than I am at the beginning. I think I play a bit sloppy at the start.

Somerset: I kept thinking I should just pull out all these great commons and flood you, but I held it out with the champions instead. There wasn’t much opportunity to do a massive summon. I should have protected my walls better. Any insight, Mr. Wall Blocker?

Dan: None. I’m bad at fighting against wall crowding. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that.

Somerset: I hope I get a faction that’s good at that next time.

Dan: You might get to.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and here’s next week’s matchup!

Place your bets below. Ultimate winner wins something.

Next week: Phoenix Elves vs. Sand Goblins.

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  1. Good writeup! This game grows ever more tempting… And looking at some other reviews, it sounds like it’s fairly universally well thought-of.

  2. Yay for Mercs! The next match is coming soon, and I’ll guess Phoenix Elves. They’re one of the easiest factions to play, while the SG require a bit more finesse.

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