Summoner Wars Mega #1: Mountain Vargath vs. Jungle Elves

A Brief Post-Game Chat

Dan: Good game!

Somerset: Very good game!

Dan: Well, of course you’d say very.

Somerset: [laughs]

Dan: So first thing’s first: The dice.

Somerset: I’m not going to complain about the ridiculous luck I had with the dice. I have never rolled so well. I’m surprised the swear count wasn’t higher.

Dan: Oh, you. You inaugurated that count when you spilled orange soda on the floor.

Somerset: [laughs] I know you counted the dice, what was the final count?

Dan: You got 29/36, I got 15/31.

Somerset: Wow. 80%.

Dan: Yeah. I had less than 50%. Even so, I do not think you won because of the way the bones fell. You won because you did a great job with your positioning and using your abilities and events. I died because I didn’t take good enough care of Sunderved, even though I thought I was doing alright.

Somerset: I’m not sure there was anything I would have done differently had I been in your position.

Dan: I should have retreated him fully after that SuperGorilla attack.

Somerset: I hung on to a lot of events in my hand to make those things happen. That’s why I almost never summoned anything until the end.

Dan: I hung onto a few of my events too. Some of them for too long. I had both Muster events for a long time thinking I’d bring a whole bunch of extra commons up to Sunderved, but then I never used him as offensively as I assumed I would.

Somerset: Love that Muster ability.

Dan: I do too, but I never got to use it. Because you hurt Sunderved so badly with SuperGorilla, I had to get rid of it in favor of hopefully some more commons. I had events in my hand for most of the mid-game, which in retrospect was horrible, especially because I could use Superior Planning to get them out of my discard pile.

So you were a bit nervous about playing Jungle Elves. How do you like them now that you’ve destroyed me?

Somerset: It took me all week to study and decide how to use them, I definitely feel more comfortable with them, but not necessarily that I could win every time. I was incredibly lucky at the end of the game to draw Chant of Haste and a Lioness; if I had not, Abua Shi would have been trapped in the corner with no room to summon anything. You would have been able to block all my wall spaces except one.

Dan: That’s what I was hoping for. I thought I had the game clinched, truthfully. Turns out when we looked at your deck after the game, your last Wall was on the bottom too, wasn’t it? So it would have worked if you hadn’t killed my Summoner that turn.

Somerset: Exactly so.

Dan: Interestingly, even though you rolled so much better, our ending magic economy counts were nearly equivalent.

Somerset: I had 5 of your cards, you had 6 of mine. Very close. I was surprised at the low kill count on both sides. I did burn pretty hot, but I should have ditched a Lioneer and my extra Deception event earlier than I did.

Are you nervous about next week’s game now that I’ve creamed you?

Dan: I am. I don’t even remember which side I got, actually. Both sides make me nervous.

Anyway, good game. And thanks for reading!

If you're going to ask whether we're keeping the horrid pink quartz theme as a background throughout the entire series, yes, we are.

Next week: Vanguards vs. Mercenaries.


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  1. What a good read, thanks guys. Congrats to Somerset! Also, regarding the champs, it’s not as much of a gender war as you thought, Dan. If you buy the Vargath champions enough drinks and then watch carefully, you’ll see that Luka uses the little-nanny-goat’s room, not the little-billy-goat’s room.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing the Vanguard-Merc faceoff, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Merc game.

  2. Brutal Summoner Wars game like all the good ones I’ve played. I love the back and forth and eleventh hour crazy event plays that turn a winning smile, when you think you have it clinched, to the five stages of grief in someones face.

    At least your not on the couch and perhaps you’ll have a free pass if you win the next game in a similar fashion 🙂

  3. That was darn awesome guys. I haven’t played Somerset (I’d love to now though!), but Dan is brutal in this game.

    Which means it’s AWESOME to see him get creamed!

    If we’re doing bets like you did last time, I’ll put my money on Mercs. Just so many customization options that you could probably just design an anti-Vanguards deck and crush them.

  4. I bet on MV when everyone else was going JE, so I’m disappointed in you, Dan.

    For next time, I’m betting Mercs as well.

  5. Almost thou persuadest me to be a boardgamer. This sounds like it’s right up my alley. Especially if I get to demolish Dan.

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