Celebrate Space-Biff! with a Contest!

I insisted on this shot to show off the gloves that were given to me personally by Ryan Gosling, though the Antiques Roadshow has confirmed that they're not the actual gloves worn in Drive, that cheapskate.

Happy first birthday, Space-Biff! Who’s brought a present?

Well, here we are, one year on. Our baby sure has grown up—almost a hundred articles, about fifteen comments, and as of last week, six followers! Thanks so much to those of you without whom it couldn’t have happened. You know who you are. Also, some of you did absolutely nothing to help, and you know who you are as well. Meanies.

All is forgiven, because we’re here to celebrate Space-Biff! surviving for one year! The next challenge is to make it to two. So to inaugurate the new year, let’s have a little contest! Strap in, because this is going to be convoluted.

Fat Artyom stopped by, and he brought a cake! Made of mushrooms and pork! Aw, you shouldn't have. (Sub-alt-text: This pic hurt the hell out of my face.)

Oh dear. (Thanks to THQ for the gas mask!)

Since Space-Biff! has always been a blog divided, equal parts PC gaming enthusiast and board game devotee, our contest is going to consist of two segments. First, thanks to Joe, the lovely community manager at THQ (who stumbled upon our Heart of the Metro series and decided to say hello), we’ve got five keys for Metro 2033, redeemable on Steam. And second, thanks to a shipping mishap and an apologetic internet shopping site that has preferred to go unnamed, we have a copy of Fantasy Flight Games’ Infiltration just begging to be shipped direct to your door.

The process of making this image was especially grueling. In the coming year, I will probably learn how to make better images. I pledge to learn FRAPS. Just don't hold your breath or anything.

Metro 2033 for PC and Infiltration for your, uh, table.

How can you win this shiny object / digital media? Glad you asked! Just answer our contest question, and whichever five answers I like best will win our five Metro 2033 keys. After that, we’ll hold a vote and let you, the readers, the people, choose which of our five finalists will receive Infiltration! But you’ll need to be quick, because the deadline for submissions is midnight GMT on the 27th of September, after which we’ll begin voting for the second prize!

A few rules:

1. Submit your submission via the comments section below.
2. Include your email address in the appropriate tab when you submit your submission. This is so I can let you know if you’ve won. Your email will not be shared with your peers or anyone else, and I won’t spam you.
3. One (1) submission per person! I can check this! Yes, you can evade my checking by spoofing your IP! Please don’t do that!

Our question: If you could give Space-Biff! one (1) item from a post-apocalyptic game as a birthday present, what would it be? Tell us the item, why you chose that gift, and which game it’s from. Prizes will not be judged on their in-game values, but on their creativity!

For example, you might say something like this:

I would give Space-Biff! the gift of a bottlecap mine from Fallout, because hopefully Dan would explode himself with it.

One more rule:

4. The bottlecap mine is now prohibited.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The contest has now concluded! We have our five winning items, which you can view here, and vote on which one will receive a copy of Infiltration!

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  1. Awesome! I could do with both of these, so I’ll definitely give this a try:

    I would give Space-Biff the gift of Fisto the unique power-fist from Fallout 3, because its one of a kind and can be used in diverse ways (both for battle and for fun). And it was hard to find, being in an abandoned power plant and all, so you know I really love you.

    Woot, I got this!

  2. Wow, despite being a big fan of post-apocalypse setting this has made me realise how few I’ve actually played beyond fallout. My thinking cap is on and I shall return after due cogitation!

  3. I’m going to have to take a day or two to think as well… I already have Metro, but wouldn’t mind a gift copy, and that Infiltration sure looks tasty…

  4. I would give Dan a ‘typhoon’ from Xexyz for however long it takes to forcibly persuade people that the excellence of his blog writing -demands- subscription. Or else.

  5. I’d have to say I’d give Dan a bag of bolts. (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series)

    While any small object would do, the idea would be to always remind you to look before you step. Out of all the ways too die in the wastes, stepping into a radioactive bubble of evil would be one of the worst. Also, if you ever run out of the ones I gave you, you can always grab some more!

  6. I would give dan a mounted deathclaw head. because you know, they are pretty awesome.

  7. Okay, got it: I give Space-Biff! the Wild Wolf from FUEL, because (1) it looks cool, (2) it’s a great automobile, and (3) it doesn’t actually burn any fuel (zing!) which is a huge bonus in today’s oil economy.

  8. I’d give Dan, Dan the Space-Biff Man a Cathcart “Buckmaster” .308 hunting rifle, from NEO Scavenger. 3 reasons: 1- It’s a nice gun, Dan likes guns, right? b- A sneaky Catch 22 reference? Catch 22 is great. Finally, 3- It’ll be useful come the apocalypse, providing SB! can rustle up some .308 rounds.

  9. I’m going to give Space-Biff! the gift of the cowboy hat from Rebuild 2, because that hat gives you a +1 to leadership, and who wouldn’t benefit from that?

  10. I’d give Dan a Garden of Eden Creation kit from Fallout 2. Because no one else has nabbed it yet! But mainly because the handy dandy G.E.C.K. comes with a miniture pen flashlight, too dank after the apocolypse? Flashlight! Need to write someone down? Pen! This bad boy does it all!
    Happy side effects include full encylopedic reference sources, a basic replicater model, food supply and terriforming equipment!

    But mainly for the flashlight! Get yours today!

    N.B. Spellchecker not included!

  11. Your gift shall be the Stealth suit Mk II from Fallout New Vegas Old World Blues. A power suit is awesome n and of itself but a stealth one is absurd and you would able to acquire all the coin needed to buy other goodies. I was thinking the Tesla suit because it could power something like a Tesla sports car on its own but now you can just buy/steal all the batteries 🙂

  12. Mine would be the gift a flashlight from Lone Survivor. That you might have light in dark places. And so that you can stay sane. Don’t forget to replenish the batteries!

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