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Ever-Changing: Proteus

Yes, mine. Though yours might be extremely similar. Still, mine.

My first view of the island. My island. Not yours. Mine.

I’ve been playing Proteus, a game about exploration and music by Ed Key and David Kanaga. I can tell you what it is—I already have, really—but I’m finding it difficult to shape words to fit. You see, time is not constant on one the game’s island, which is generated anew each time you play. Often the days are languorous, stretching and relaxing at their own pace. Just as often, days suddenly bleed into nights and weeks pass in mere seconds, as though you were the placid observer of a world riding on a hummingbird’s wings. It’s a game about change, and—to me—about perspective.

Take the above picture as an example. It’s pretty, but flat. As a still image, it looks like someone could draw it up in MS Paint in fairly short order. In motion, it’s something else entirely.

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