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Joshua Buergel: On Storytelling in Games

Today we’re in for a special treat! Guest contributor Joshua Buergel, designer of The Fox in the Forest and Hocus, is here to talk about a difficult design topic — the limitations and possibilities of storytelling in board games. It’s something that’s been on my own mind for a while, so I’m eager to hear his take.

Joshua, you have the conn.

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Fox in Box

"Why hello! I have nothing to do with this game! I provide a catchy name and nothing else! And hey, that's okay!"

Whether it’s a free-for-all like Hearts or Oh Hell, or a team setup like Euchre or Bridge, trick-taking games are family classics for quite a few people, including many who wouldn’t consider themselves “board” or “card” players. Yet it’s a genre I never found myself engaged by. No reason, really. It just wasn’t something my family did, and therefore it wasn’t something that I did.

Joshua Buergel’s The Fox in the Forest has changed that, at least in the short-term. Let me show you why.

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