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My Heart Pumps Neon

I kind of want every alt text to just be the lyrics to Don't Stop Me Now.

With the benefit of hindsight, City of Remnants was a bit of a mess. Crud, it was a mess even without hindsight. Somewhere between the tile-laying, alien-killing, and drug-peddling, it was brimming with cool ideas. Unfortunately, they were held together with bouncy glue. The resultant skyscraper towered high, but also tended to sway precariously. Needed more blurp.

Wait — blurp?

That’s right. Blurp. Neon Gods is a remake of City of Remnants, minus the mess and plus ten points of charisma. And it has more blurp than you can shake a sneeze at.

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City of Abundant Mechanics

No matter what I do to this image, it always looks slanted. Maybe it's an optical illusion. More likely my poor editing skills.

Action Point Allowance System
Area Control / Area Influence
Auction / Bidding
Deck / Pool Building
Dice Rolling
Grid Movement
Hand Management
Tile Placement
Variable Player Powers
Worker Placement

So reads BoardGameGeek’s list of mechanics for City of Remnants, the most recent offering from Plaid Hat Games. It’s no secret that I’m Fanboy Prime when it comes to their debut title, the simple-but-deep Summoner Wars, but City of Remnants is a different creature altogether. The question is, does this wide collection of tools slot together into a coherent and graceful clockwork whole, or is it something more Frankensteinian? I’d like to say I have a concrete answer, but with so much going on, perhaps this is one game that defies ratings as much as it defies genre.

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