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Good Goodcritters

Yeah, look how cool I am at header design. Just the best.

There’s no joy quite as pure as ripping off your friends. Sadly, I never got around to playing Tiefe Taschen, Fabien Zimmermann’s previous friend ripper-offer. Fortunately, thanks to the appearance of Goodcritters, there’s no need. This thing is lean and punchy. Exactly how I like my frivolous time wasters.

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Even the Masters Are Pawns

Problem #1 with Onitama's tall-yet-slender box: it makes a nice header image impossible. Problem #2: everybody asks if it's Jenga.

I have a tender spot in my theme-and-potatoes soul for abstract games. And Onitama is one of the most gripping, teachable, and clever abstract games I’ve played in a very long time — perhaps the best, even, since The Duke. Maybe even better.

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Sheriff of Yessingham

He can't be blamed for his cruelty. He was ridiculed for his weight in grade school, and now he taxes merchants to regain his self-image.

I want you to imagine something with me. Close your eyes. Squeeze them tight. Tighter.

Now open them so you can continue reading the article.

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