Book-Space! #24. Babel

Wee Aquinas also has suspicions about education.

Ever wondered what a translator’s life is like? R.F. Kuang’s Babel lends readers an accurate impression of higher education, British colonialism, and the magical powers of silversmithing. Join Brock, Summer, and Dan as we discuss this wonderfully dense and evocative book. Listen here or download here.

Next time, spider aliens! Courtesy of Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time.

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  1. Have yet to listen, but my one topical question is this:
    In the book, they’re playing a card game – any idea which one? Isn’t it annoying that the author doesn’t spell it out?

    In another book, two imprisoned characters had a deck of cards, so they played Rummy, and all I could think was – is it regular Rummy, or a 2p variant like Gin Rummy?

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