Best Week 2020! The Index!

Wee Aquinas is anticipating 2021 with clenched cheeks. Bum cheeks.

The wheel has turned. Below you’ll find links to every day of Best Week 2020, which despite the year’s expectations has hosted some of the finest games ever featured here on Space-Biff! Simply click the image to be transported to the relevant page.

See you on the other side, friend.


Day One! Better, Faster, Stronger!


Day Two! Agony, Sheer Agony!


Day Three! Some Time Away!


Day Four! Parallel Dimensions!


Day Five! Uncommon Sense!


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  1. The Missing

    Jaws of the Lion – pretty slick.
    The Crew – fun with tricks.

    Any plans to cover these?

    • Jaws of the Lion was *this* close! I wrote about it over at Ars Technica, so I won’t be writing about it here. But yes, I’m a big fan. Currently trying to power through its back half.

      As for The Crew, I’ll confess I’m not the world’s biggest fan. Which makes me the one exception, both on the planet and within my own group. I really should keep playing.

      • I missed the ars technica article before. I am also a big fan. Now at the tail end of my own campaign, I would say the joy I have taken from patiently enjoying a more compact campaign was its greatest strength. I could easily have rushed through a larger campaign in an attempt to cover content. This was better and a lovely thing to share with my partner each week, in a year where small rituals have proved invaluable.

        Thank you for your coverage this year Dan. It was lovely to read your work and my only wish is that I could have played more of the games you covered. Happy New Year.

  2. Help me understand the daily lists. What is the difference between, say, the #2 game on Day 2 and the #2 game on Day 4?

  3. Happy New Year, Dan!!!!

    Thanks for giving us so much good stuff that I’m very happy to support you.

    And you’ve also even made me buy a few games.

    Damn you. 😛

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