The Space-Biff! Space-Cast! Episode #6: Vast Asymmetries

Warning: Patrick says the shit word at one point, but is otherwise the very model of a modern major general.

In the November 2016 episode of the Space-Biff! Space-Cast!, join Dan Thurot and Brock Poulsen in a discussion about asymmetry in games, fluctuating mic levels, and Vast: The Crystal Caverns with the game’s developer and producer, Patrick Leder!

As a sidenote, Vast: The Crystal Caverns is currently on Kickstarter for its second printing, and will fund until December 18th. You can find all the details over here.

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  1. I remember reading about Hoppers, Growers, Builders, and Hunters! It sure sounds very fun and interesting.Thanks for another great Space-Cast, guys!

    PS – Not meaning to brag (but I’m gonna), I got ALL THREE Space-Guess! answers on clue two of each. Please distribute points between yourselves (and me) accordingly.

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