The Space-Biff! Space-Cast! Episode #3: Always Evolving

nom nom nom

In today’s plus-special episode of the Space-Biff! Space-Cast!, Dan Thurot and Rob Cramer interview Dominic Crapuchettes, designer of Evolution and founder of North Star Games, about how everything is evolving — and we mean everything. Even evolution is evolving.

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  1. Very fun stuff. Dominic is the man. Can’t wait for his next phase in the Evolution series.

  2. “Dominic is the man.”

    Thanks!! Not even my kids think that. 🙂

  3. digitalpariah76

    I need to get hold of a copy of Evolution, it really sounds like my cup of hot beverage. Thanks for the ‘cast, SB!

  4. Fantastic stuff! And that theme music — wow!

    Favorite part (other than the “dumb” bit) was when Dan pointed out that the intelligence card technically has a casting cost. Understanding the game at that level is the sort of insight that keeps me coming back to SB! day after day.

  5. I’ve actually played Evolution! It was surprisingly mean. Which I say as a good thing of course. I’ll have to pick up Climate when it shows up in stores.

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