The Space-Biff! Space-Cast! Episode #1: Paranoid Cuneiform

Ahem. Leaders cannot be placed on river spaces. Podcast failed.

In the inaugural episode of the Space-Biff! Space-Cast!, what do Homeland: The Game and Reiner Knizia’s classic Tigris & Euphrates have in common? Listen as Dan Thurot, Rob Cramer, and special guest Mark Henderson attempt to stretch these games like taffy in order to find out. Special thanks to Michael Barnes for changing the conversation about theme and setting.

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  1. Jar Jar is Dead

    So it begins…

  2. A landmark start to what I hope becomes a long-lived podcast! I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear more than just “talking about the hotness.” In particular, it’s fascinating to hear about an overlooked title like Homeland. Looking forward to discovering whatever else you fellas get up to!

    If I could offer just one complaint… when Dan goes into history mode, let him ramble!

    • Jar Jar is Dead

      Indeed, I personally loved the history tangents (that weren’t really tangents at all). I can see where someone looking to hear over-exaggerated ‘OOO’s’ and ‘AAH’s’ at box openings or aspects of gameplay in an unstructured hour and a half of Jeremy Jahns-styled rants might be disappointed to be hearing about cuneiform in a carefully planned out recording instead…but I don’t think SB! has ever really catered to that crowd. And it’s pretty refreshing.

    • It’s not a complaint, that is constructive criticism! Don’t worry, the next episodes will be Dan UNLEASHED.

  3. That was great! It’s great to hear people talking about what the games are about beyond just what they do mechanically.

  4. Things we learned from the SB!SC! ep 1:

    1. Dan doesn’t remember Memory. Sounds like he should have played more Memory as a kid.

    2. Mark tosses in an aside about Ron Weasley; nobody notices.

    3. Rob thinks more people should give Homeland a try. Shill for Gale Force 9?

  5. Is there an RSS feed that I use for a podcast app like Pocket Casts?

  6. Maybe I’m being dense, but how do I find this podcast episode? There is no link on the article above and it’s not available on any of my podcast feeds.

  7. Always cool to see someone championing T&E as a masterclass in thematic design!

  8. looking forward to it on itunes… Do you know how is going to be the schedule? biweekly, weekly, monthly?

  9. What a wonderful episode. Nice work!

  10. Great start to your podcast! I enjoy the mix of astute observations (T&E is a game about legitimacy) and good-natured humor (Dr. Scholls). Keep it coming!

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