The SaltCon Diaries, 2014 Edition


Dragon’s Tiles! Dice Towers! Mayhem RPG! A ton of publishers, like Crash Games, Red Raven Games, and Gamelyn Games! War Command Haven! Ryan Laukat, Michael Coe, and other designers whose names we can’t remember! That’s how many there are!

All this and more, at SaltCon 2014! So come along, as Space-Biff! investigates exactly what it is that makes this board game convention the third-best in the Mountain West.

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  1. Looks more legit than last year, that’s for sure. Some good interviews, and nice to hear from some lesser-known designers!

  2. Wow…and I thought I was a Ryan Laukat fan….

    Unfortunate we missed each other, but next year we’ll definitely play Summoner Wars/anything that comes from the beautiful mind of Ryan Laukat.

  3. Over a week without an update… Space Biff sure seems slow right now…

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