Upcoming: Summoner Wars Mega

Ah, two hours well-spent.

Inspired by Space-Biff! friend Digital Pariah, who’s been battling his way through his Summoner Wars collection one faction at a time and making me jealous with all manner of fascinating tales, the wife and I have decided to follow suit. Beginning next Monday, we’ll be posting weekly Summoner Wars battle reports in addition to our regular programming. Details below.

The Rules

1. Each faction will be represented once. Since there are sixteen factions, the current plan is to post eight reports. If we have heaps of fun, maybe we’ll do a winners’ round to determine which faction is the ultimate winner, but we’re making no promises — eight articles already sounds like a lot of work, with all the notes and pictures that go along with them, and we are mighty lazy.

2. The matchups have already been determined for each week. The method was mostly random, though we rerolled when certain overplayed combinations came up, like Guild Dwarves versus Cave Goblins or Fallen Kingdom versus Vanguards. We don’t know who will play which faction. That will be determined at the beginning of the week to give us time to customize our decks and to jot down some pre-game thoughts, then we’ll play later in the week and take both during-game and after-game notes. Then on Mondays we’ll compile those into comprehensive reports.

3. On the topic of deck-building, we’ve imposed a couple limitations. The first is purely practical: we only own one copy of most sets, so we’ll be limited to one of each faction’s starter set and first reinforcements pack. So no 10x Phantom decks for the Fallen Kingdom, alas woe etc. The second is that we don’t plan to include Mercenary cards in our decks (other than when playing with the Mercenaries faction, of course). This is because we’re hoping to highlight each faction on their own merits, and seeing Spear Grounders and Rune Mages in every deck isn’t all that interesting.

So that’s it! Our first matchup will be next week, and the featured factions will be:

The hardest part of making this image was finding that VS circle in a usable size.

Mountain Vargath versus Jungle Elves.

Feel free to place your bets below!

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  1. If Dan gets the Jungle Elves, the game is over in 5 rounds or less. No idea how well Mrs Dan plays though, so I’ll guess that she gets the JE and stomps him instead. Either way, JE win. I’ll put money on it. Money!

  2. Indeed. So, a question for Somerset: How do YOU feel about this? I thought Dan was super good at this game. I think after, you’ll have to do a series on a game he isn’t good at. So pretty much anything else. 😉

    • Dan IS super good at SW and has a lot more experience playing with others on IOS. However, Dan and I always play through our new games a few times first with only each other before we introduce and explain them to others, so I have quite a bit of experience playing *with* Dan… I have won several games of Summoner Wars against him, including a four-turn-win, several deck-out games, and summoner v summoner battles — and I do enjoy playing overall. This isn’t to say I’m incredible. I lose. I’m a bad loser. This is psychological warfare.

  3. My money is on JE, but I have no frame of reference for Somerset’s skill in using them. Or any faction, for that matter. I’ve only ever played Dan. As Patton says above, Dan is pretty bloody good at Summoner Wars, but I have confidence that Somerset will be a suitably skilled opponent and I hope we get to see some very tense and close-run games. Let the bloodshed BEGIN!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! We’re both excited to see how these games turn out. There may be a lot more sleeping on the couch in the coming weeks for a particular someone. It’s WAR!

  4. I’m going to buck tradition and say the Mountain Vargath will win. The way they like to clump their troops around Sunderved makes them well-protected from Jungle Elf shenanigans, and they aren’t too bad at aggression either. In fact, if I had to pick a single match for the Jungle Elves, Mountain Vargath would be it.

    • The goats will have to stay tightly ranked up though, otherwise there’s a danger of Chant of Haste plus Elephant trampling action! I think this should be a very interesting match. Do we find out who is playing as which faction on the day?

  5. I say if Somerset gets her traditional luck when she plays me, it will be a very cold month for Dan on the couch :-). I’ll put my money on Jungle Elves. Either one of these players getting their hands on them could spell disaster for the other. Who knows what sweet Jungle Elves strategies are whispered…in the dark!!!

  6. Wow, two Arrested Development references in one comments thread!

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