A Space-Biff! Secret Annoucement!

Only took 48 minutes too!

I made this image. Hoo yeah baby.

Alright people, rub your hands together and shake the sleepy out of your buttocks, because Space-Biff! has an announcement. “What kind of announcement?” I can hear you asking, even though you’re in Hungary and I’m locked tight in the basement of the SB! Commune. Well, it’s the kind of announcement that you’ll be thinking about for days; that will challenge your preconceptions of what “announcement” can mean; that will replace Benjamin Disraeli as the eighteenth-coolest thing in history. And it makes us kind of a tease.

Premium clue for those who know SB! does alt-texts: It's NOT my long-awaited custom board for Settlers of Catan. That's on hold. Indefinitely. And I'm keeping the preorder money.

What is it?

That’s all. It may go down as a testament to my hubris that I’m not ready to spill any details, or even let you know when when you’ll get to hear more. The truth is, I don’t know the when—days, weeks, months. A year, perhaps. But it’s there. Oh yes, it’s there.

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  1. Well, I just shat myself.

  2. That’s some really nice art up there, actually. The tiles are distinct from one another, which is a must, and it’s also very different from other boardgame styles that I’ve seen (assuming it’s a boardgame). Looking forward to what you come up with! Can we assume it’s about the staff of Space-Biff?

    • Thanks about the art! I like it too. We’ll talk more about it when the time comes. =)

      A board game about the Space-Biff! staff would indeed be epic and exciting, though it would have some problems in production. We’d have to manufacture a piece for Mark Wahlberg, but then it would just sit off to the side of the board, teasing us that it might be played with someday. And that would be kind of sad.

  3. And even if the Mark card did do anything it would only be sporadic, intrusive and annoying. =D

    But yeah, I think I know what this is, and yeah! The artwork is excellent. I’d like to know how the artist did it at some point, once more details start pouring out.

  4. Wow, looks great! I’m guessing that the terrain types along the bottom are forest, swamp, and grasslands? The one at the top looks like a desert, but not the typical sandy desert that you see in pretty much every boardgame ever. Anyway, well done! (to whoever did the art)

  5. so… what is it then?

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