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Eight Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Summoner

Only to team up when they're assaulted by glare! PLOT TWIST!

Ret-Talus and his Fallen Kingdom square off against Krusk’s Sand Goblins.

A few handsome and/or beautiful people have asked me to write down some strategy tips for Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games. Being an obscure blogger, I’m pretty much jumping up and down at the opportunity to both write about my favorite board game and to fulfill requests, which makes me feel oh so professional.

I hope to eventually write about each of the game’s factions, but for now here’s a few basic clues that I like to give players just barely introduced to Summoner Wars. If you’ve played more than a handful of games, you might not find these steps particularly useful. Though maybe you will. Who knows? The only solution is to keep reading.

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