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Game of Shadow Thrones

My sole regret with not using the box art's main picture is that it seems to feature Patton Oswalt as a fat little king on a throne.

When you play the game of Shadow Thrones, you win or you die. Or you come in second place but you’ve recruited so many agents on the victorious side that you kind of win anyway.

Come along, I’ll explain.

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Doth This Sun Rise or Set?

Even if the games weren't very good, I'd have to give them props for being so finely illustrated. Very impressive for such a small company.

SBG once against provides great art.

When John Clowdus of Small Box Games announced they were running a Kickstarter for three full games, the question that ran through America’s mind — nay, the world’s — was, “Will Shadow of the Sun be the same as Hemloch, but in reverse?” At least that’s what I was wondering, because although I’ve enjoyed most of the recent offerings from SBG (list of reviews here), Hemloch is probably my favorite of the three I’ve played so far.

I’m pleased to say Shadow of the Sun is absolutely doing its own thing. But since that’s the sort of all-purpose response you could drop about either your son Charles who’s finishing medical school or your son Ted who’s living hand to mouth off a smattering of Ponzi schemes, the better question is whether it lives up to John Clowdus’s other designs. Find out below.

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