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Rage: The Monocular

Adam's gorgeous subconjunctival hemorrhage. Acquired through Rage. Or because the kick of his gun smacked his monocular.

Back when I quasi-reviewed Rage, I was going to write another pair of articles. These articles would be lists, formatted along the lines of “The 5 Things Rage Got Right” and “The 5 Things Rage Got Wrong.” Very cleverly, I was planning on writing that the number one thing that id got both right and wrong was the game engine, id Tech 5. I know, herp de derp.

It’s been a great week for game releases, what with both Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third coming out and flustering my time management. Both are so immense that I doubt I’ll be able to do them justice anytime soon. So I sat down to make a little filler article. To keep up the habit, you see. I figured I’d talk about a few of my criticisms of Rage that I left unvoiced back in October.

Then I got completely sidetracked, and found myself wearing strange clothes and feeling not quite myself.

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Rage: Explaining the Plot

Rage: on the receiving end of a space-biff

Well, I finished Rage last night. I liked it overall.


Id’s latest effort has been a tricky one for me to get a handle on. So many of its components are absolutely humming with perfection and tightness. Other parts felt like waxen imitations of better games. I can say that Rage is one of the few games I’m going to play through again. Unfortunately, it’s an uneven experience.

I’ll illustrate with a conversation I had with my sister.

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The Reason for my Rage

I’ve been anticipating id’s new game, Rage, for some time. Now it’s out, and I can’t bring myself to play past the first level. Here’s why:

If each set of textures were a separate game, I think I'd rather play the one on the right

On the left, half-loaded textures; on the right, even less-loaded ones (click for full resolution)

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