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Motel 666

The good priest should have known better than bring a black light to a cheap motel.

The Bloody Inn is about as soothing as it gets. Set in a quaint village in 1831 Ardèche, it’s about operating a pleasant little countryside inn, providing room and board for passing travelers. Eventually, you might add new annexes for your guests’ comfort and edification or have comical run-ins with passing law enforcement officers.

Then you single out your wealthiest guests, murder them, stuff their lifeless bodies beneath the annexes you’ve built, steal all their money, and launder it until you’re filthy rich.

Okay, so that took an unexpectedly grim turn. I suppose the “bloody” in the title should have been a tip-off.

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Do Deus

I always think this is the most presumptuous game title ever. Then I realize I've imagined the "is" between the designer's name and the game title.

When it comes to board games, one of the few things I enjoy more than arranging tableaus is arranging tableaus that matter.

What on Earth do I mean by that, you ask? Basically, that you should play Deus.

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