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Ninja Burger vs. Board Game Humor

I sure hope a ninja doesn't kill me for writing this article.

There’s this card game from Steve Jackson Games called Ninja Burger. It’s supposed to be hilarious. I really don’t see it.

This is more a problem with humor in board games than just with this game itself — it’s hard to make a funny board game, especially one that will be funny even after you’ve become familiar with its mechanics and pieces. More on that below.

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Mini-Review: Infinity Dungeon


Minigame Library, Game #3: Infinity Dungeon

As part of a continuing endeavor to review all the games in the Minigame Library from Level 99 Games (note to self: do not include the word “game” in any future game companies), I sat down with a group of friends last night to figure out just what on earth Infinity Dungeon is all about. What follows is a true account of our passage through the three stages of Infinity Dungeon grief. Brace yourself.

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