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Three Zettabytes for Infiltration

"Of all the corps out there, why CyberSolutions?" you ask. This man, this Animal, breathes out another hot lungful, smoke curling between you like a snake. "Word is they've put together the hottest love-bot this side of the Mississippi," he says. "So who's got the hottest love-bot on the other side?" you ask. Animal grins, all yellow and grime. "On the other side, they ain't really bots."

There are all sorts of clever games coming out right about now. Some blend previously-disparate mechanics, others just refine them till they crackle. But today, I want to talk about something different, a game that has exactly three things going for it: a razor-sharp theme, a simple but effective risk-vs-reward system, and the potential for awful hilarious wonderful villainy. This is Infiltration, and although it isn’t pushing any envelopes or redefining its genre, it’s one of the best times I’ve had with a board game this year. It’s also affordable and easy to get your hands on to boot.

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