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Before you point out that the Black Death would not be classified as "COVID" because the CO is short for "coronavirus," let me remind you that the cause of the bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis, is a coccobacillus. We've got the CO! However, astute students will fire back that it's a bacterium, not a virus. So it really ought to be COBID-1350. Damn. Title ruined.

Hesitantly pushing a cart, trying to miss the crowd, glaring furiously at every stray cough — sounds like shopping for groceries in 2020. It’s also the topic of Travis Hancock’s Bristol 1350. With its titular city in collapse, up to nine players scramble to escape to the countryside. The hitch? Scrambling to escape might mean catching the bug. In true plague fashion, getting sick means you now want to get everybody else sick, too. Hey, it’s more logical than pooping your pants because somebody asked you to wear a mask.

Right, board games. In a weird shift of tone, Bristol 1350 is an unexpectedly chipper experience.

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