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Mini-Review: Blades of Legend

Future predictions: clever and silly but not amazing, good, good, and meh.

Minigame Library, Game #2: Blades of Legend

The game has gone from tense to intense; the cards are down, our eyes are fixed, and the pool of red plastic gems is long run dry. I have inadvertently assisted the enemy Master by slipping energy to her Wielders for much of the match before it became clear their allegiance does not sit with me. Only thanks to the deviousness of one of my own Wielders, a sharp young man of great potential whose easy smile belies devious inner workings, do we retrain even the barest thread of a chance. It’s Geoff’s turn now, and as he studies the lay of the land, the one path to victory is as clear as—

“How do we win this again?” he asks. Everyone looks up, and from the glazed look in their eyes I can see they’ve been wondering the same thing for the last half hour. Welcome to Blades of Legend.

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