The Space-Biff! Space-Cast! Episode #7: Welcome to the Sandbox

Even looks sandy.

For the first time ever, the Space-Biff! Space-Cast! is all about Dan Thurot’s uncertainty about Cole Wehrle’s paternity, the definitions of sandbox games, as well as a number of Great Games, from Pax Pamir to Pax Renaissance and An Infamous Traffic. Great Games: in these hands alone, that’s a pun intended only for the cleverest of humans. Perhaps you’re among them. Perhaps.

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  1. Marius van der Merwe

    Great conversation. Thanks!

  2. I am confused about Dans’s opinion on Pax Renaissance on this podcast, when was this recorded?

  3. No reason to be embatassed. It was the best source i found so far on John Company. Do this more often please. And since i am asking, review about PaxRen Expansion would be sweet.

    Have you thougt about adding the podcast to BGG?
    The reason i ask is i usualy search there for podcasts that mention games i am interested in, and there are so few on these Sierra Madre games.

    • Thanks, Jose! I might do a review of the Pax Ren expansion if I ever get around to diving into it.

      As for putting my podcast on BGG, I hadn’t even considered it. I’m not sure what the process is there, but I’ll try to figure it out.

  4. Great episode, thanks a lot! A quick question: what was the intro music? Could be great as background music for a Pax Renaissance session. Thanks again.

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