The Space-Biff! Space-Cast! Episode #2: Viva Sinatra

There's a minor continuity error in here thanks to the fact that we recorded this episode a full month ago. Space Pennies to those who discover it!

It’s been a very Cuba Libre kind of week. Following on the heels of Dan Thurot and Michael Barnes’ duel of wits over at Miniature Market’s Review Corner, listen as Dan, John Barton, Taylor Webb, and special guest Mark Henderson ponder their most recent attempt to control the destiny of Cuba, the COIN Series in general, and which of them best resembles Fidel Castro.

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  1. digitalpariah76


    It’s me who looks most like Castro


  2. Jar Jar is Dead

    Can someone tell me if we pronounced Cuba right? I’m actually starting to feel mildly concerned about it for no reason.

  3. Finally got around to listening — very good stuff! The COIN series is fascinating. It was interesting that you completely jettisoned the formula of the first episode. Will we be hearing from Rob again, or are you planning on shaking things up every time?

    • Since this question has come up twice now, the answer is that most of the time we’ll be doing what we did with episode #1. Whenever this group wraps up a COIN game, there’s a chance we’ll do a repeat of this style.

  4. It floors me that this is you guys’ second episode. So good!

  5. I feel like this episode was more “natural” – better jokes, easier conversation, but I missed the formula from last time. Is every episode going to be something new like this, or are you going to be switching between types?

  6. This was a good introduction to the COIN series. I recently obtained Fire in the Lake, and listening to your podcast now has me excited to get that game played. Though I do wonder if I shouldn’t ease into the series with Cuba Libre first. By the way, that it NOT the correct pronounciation for buenos dias, though by your own admission you don’t speak Spanish. So I can let that slide. Also, I believe I found your minor continuity error. Just the day before this podcast was published you stated in the Miniature Market review of this game that it wasn’t your favorite of the COIN series, which is contradictory to your claim as such at the of this podcast. More space pennies for me!

    • You found the contradiction!

      What happened was that we recorded this a few weeks before I got to play Falling Sky, but then it languished in the editing process for a while. That’ll teach me to voice my opinion on anything!

  7. Oops, I made a couple typos. I meant to say (… that is NOT) and (… at the end of this podcast…)

  8. Ha! Well you did include the qualifier “thus far” which allows for wiggle room (somewhat retroactively). So technically, you’re good.

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