Summoner Wars Mega #3: Phoenix Elves vs. Sand Goblins

A Brief Post-Game Chat

Dan: First thing’s first, now that we’ve read each other’s pre-game writeups, I notice you basically guessed 90% of my deckbuild.

Somerset: [laughs] My seduction worked really well… Just kidding, earlier in the week you mentioned your fear of the Javelineer’s Camouflage ability, so I thought maybe you wouldn’t take any ranged units. The Javelineers I did take were made into magic.

Dan: I’m surprised kept some in at all, with that foreknowledge. I left out Archers because they aren’t that great anyway, especially with even the slightest chance that you did have Javelineers.

Somerset: I shouldn’t have. I was also looking over your options, and I remembered that a lot of your units have those “instead of an attack” abilities, which voided any advantage Javelineers would have. You may have noticed I also didn’t play any of the Duck and Cover events.

Dan: Well, there wasn’t ever much purpose. I only had the two ranged champions, and I think only Holleas ever even bothered with ranged attacks, and it wasn’t very often because she usually left the dirty work to her Fire Beasts.

Somerset: I agree. Far Shot isn’t that great a bonus with only one attack. It’s like that setup was designed to be horrible for the Phoenix Elves on just that one side. I thought I might have had a chance with that early Scavenger who managed to get two kills to do some damage with the Shiny event, but you destroyed him too quickly.

Dan: I was relieved he died so soon. I’m still waiting to see Shiny used to any effect, and I was afraid this would be the first time.

Somerset: It would have been amazing!

Dan: No.

Somerset: No Fire Beasts for you! It would have been perfect.

Dan: Hm.

Somerset: I’ve never seen it work either. Sigh.

Dan: So how do you feel about your victory? We’re 2-1 now, in your favor. There are two elements that stand out to me.

Somerset: Is the first one luck? Because that stood out to me. I feel very lucky on those last die rolls with the Wyrm.

Dan: Not the Bomber rolls?

Somerset: [laughs] Those too. That was awesome! Those Bombers are such fun!

Dan: We both had strong luck elements, actually. You had luck hitting Elien, I had luck with my draws, especially getting Holleas on my first real turn. She was a major component of my plan. I even got A Hero Is Born on the next turn, which would have given her to me if I hadn’t drawn her. The second element that stands out to me is that I really thought I had a cinched victory. I had a huge army on the board and was just moseying your way at the end.

Somerset: True. I felt I played my cards well though. I wish I could have used Taunt a little more, but with those Fire Beasts it almost would have been worse to draw them closer to my Summoner.

Dan: That’s what I was hoping. With the Fire Beasts I was going, “Yes, bring them closer…” I didn’t bother too much with other commons, because your guys were just superior most of the time. It was, what, the second round when you massacred everything on the board except for Elien, all thanks to Taunt, and I didn’t want a repeat of that.

Somerset: So I had better dice, but you had better draws. I had Silts in my hand on the third round and held onto him and a Wall until the bitter end because I wanted to use him so badly. I also didn’t get Mirage until one of the last draws and that’s what I was waiting for. I finally built Silts into magic and then drew Sand Wyrm — who I needed to make that drive straight to Elien. I was afraid you were going to move Elien to a less-accessible spot and then I was trying so hard not to smile when you didn’t use that Warrior to block the lane.

Dan: It woudn’t have mattered. Sand Wyrm has Burrow.

Somerset: Oh, right. Anyway, did you pull out every Fire Beast?

Dan: Yes. Four on Holleas, one on my Wall at the end to try and kill the Sand Wyrm. Looking back, I think my failure was that I didn’t push more, but I was so afraid of Taunt and Mirage and stuff like that. I played too conservatively, especially early on. After I used Magic Drain twice and had a Fire Beast out, I should have just charged forward.

Somerset: You’re right, you could have been more aggressive when you stole all that magic from me. I was glad they were at the beginning of the game though.

Dan: I was glad of the same thing. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the first time ever that Magic Drain has made both parties happy!

Somerset: [laughs] Not that I was overjoyed you took my hard-earned magic… but I would rather have it at the beginning of the game than at a crucial summoning time later. That was the last time you ever had fewer units on the board though. How long did you have those Burns in your hand?

Dan: A long time, waiting for you to play a champion. Anyway! Thanks for reading, good game, and we’ll be back next week!

It's a civil war! Who will win? As promised, whoever guesses the most correctly MAY win something! (smallprint: also they may not)

Next week: Cloaks vs. Benders.

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  1. A few thoughts:

    1. This is the best one yet. I mean that both as a match (it’s always great to see Dan get his ass kicked, especially when he doesn’t see it coming) and as an article.

    2. Why no stats on dice accuracy and magic economy this time? Did you not keep count?

    3. Congrats to Somerset on the perfect victory! Confession: I may be developing a little crush. Just a little one. Don’t tell my wife.

    4. For next week, my bet is on Benders. All the way.

    • Hi Dale!

      1. Thanks! I think.

      2. We did keep count, we just didn’t talk about the stats in our post-game chat. We’re trying to be more dynamic in those, since they’re sort of goofy (we sit on our respective computers, five feet apart, and talk on Steam).

      The accuracy stats are a little skewed because we didn’t count instances of guaranteed hits, i.e., the Fire Beasts’ Hellfire, Spirit of the Phoenix on Warriors three times, stuff like that. They just refer to actual ROLLS. But for reference, the Phoenix Elves hit 22/28 and the Sand Goblins hit 22/35.

      Magic economy: The Phoenix Elves took 11 cards, the Sand Goblins took 5.

      3. Hm.

      4. Noted!

    • Thanks! It was a lucky victory though, this is the second time I’ve had critical hits on last ditch efforts. I’m afraid my luck will run out soon!

  2. Too bad the Phoenix Elves didn’t take it. Halfway through I thought they would. For next time, I’m guessing Cloaks. The Benders are slippery, but the Cloaks are too. Either way it should be interesting, with both sides having such low-hp units.

  3. That was a satisfying match from a Sand Goblin players perspective. I may be converted to using the bombers now. I agree that they are both fun and useful. My vote is for Benders next match only because I like them so much.

    • Somerset Winters

      Yes, I’m glad I kept them in. They’re such a good reactionary unit -free!- with the potential to do a lot of damage.

  4. This series has convinced me, and we aren’t weven halfway through… I went out and bought the Master Set. We’ll see how this goes! 😀

    • Congrats, proud owner! I’m sure you’ll love it!

    • digitalpariah76

      You did the right thing, sir! o7

      • digitalpariah76

        It was Dan that got me into SW a while back and I’m about to receive the last faction deck that I don’t have (Jungle Elves, yay!). I’ve already had a lot of fun with SW and I haven’t even tried any of the reinforcement decks. Next stop, SW dice!

      • Thanks guys! I’m pretty excited!

        Any suggestions for someone starting out? How to maximize my enjoyment of this thing? How to not get overwhelmed?

      • digitalpariah76

        I’d suggest reading the rules, then playing a solo game (or play with another player, just with open hands maybe) to help you learn. The flow of the game isn’t complicated, and nor are the rules on their own. It’s the cards that complicate things, but they’ve all got pretty clear instructions on. Also, if any questions crop up in-game, the Plaid Hat forums have threads for basically every card & faction. Look for “The Book of x” where x is the card you’re looking for. Also, I’d suggest avoiding using Swamp Orcs for your first few games perhaps.

      • All sound advice! I may as well plug my own article on the topic:

        And yeah, don’t play Swamp Orcs until you’re comfortable with the rest of the Master Set.

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