The Space-Biff! Birthday Contest Results!

I downloaded the font myself. It's called Enterprise.

Staggering talent.

In our Space-Biff! birthday contest, we saw some pretty good suggestions about what people would give Space-Biff! for its first birthday, and congrats to our five winners! They’ll be receiving a shiny new key for Metro 2033 in their inboxes soon.

This means it’s time for the second phase of our contest. This will determine who gets a copy of the board game Infiltration from Fantasy Flight Games! Read on to see our five winning items, and vote for whichever strikes you as the most creative answer!

* Warning: Actual Zone bolt. Do not ingest.

A bolt: necessary for survival in The Zone.

A Bag of Bolts
(S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series)

Says winner Sigmund Larson: “While any small object would do, the idea would be to always remind you to look before you step. Out of all the ways too die in the wastes, stepping into a radioactive bubble of evil would be one of the worst. Also, if you ever run out of the ones I gave you, you can always grab some more!”

At least I think that's a Cathcart rifle... Wikia isn't working, and so this is my own screenie from ages ago.

Among other things, a survivor finds a Cathcart rifle in an abandoned cabin.

A Catchart “Buckmaster” .308 Hunting Rifle
(NEO Scavenger)

digitalpariah76 says of his winning entry: “3 reasons: 1- It’s a nice gun, Dan likes guns, right? b- A sneaky Catch 22 reference? Catch 22 is great. Finally, 3- It’ll be useful come the apocalypse, providing SB! can rustle up some .308 rounds.”

It runs on steam.

The G.E.C.K.: Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

A Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.)
(Fallout 2)

Sarigs explains why the G.E.C.K. is the best option: “Mainly because the handy dandy G.E.C.K. comes with a miniture pen flashlight, too dank after the apocolypse? Flashlight! Need to write someone down? Pen! This bad boy does it all! Happy side effects include full encylopedic reference sources, a basic replicater model, food supply and terriforming equipment! But mainly for the flashlight! Get yours today!”

Someone pointed out to me that he didn't think there was an actual mounted deathclaw head item, and also that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. isn't a full post-apocalypse, only a post-apocalyptic *region*, but we'll just ignore that goober.

This, but just the head. And mounted. And not dangerous anymore.

A Mounted Deathclaw Head

Richard Mack explains why he recommends this most valuable object: “Because you know, they are pretty awesome.”

I considered not including so many Fallout items, but without Fallout, it seems there wouldn't be many entries. Fine, Fallout, you win.

Comes in both men’s and women’s sizes.

A Stealth Suit Mk II
(Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues)

Wedge99 explains: “A power suit is awesome n and of itself but a stealth one is absurd and you would able to acquire all the coin needed to buy other goodies. I was thinking the Tesla suit because it could power something like a Tesla sports car on its own but now you can just buy/steal all the batteries.”

So there you have it! Nifty apocalypse-themed poll below:

Voting ends midnight GMT on the 4th of October!

EDIT: Aaaand… it’s over! Congrats to Mr. Sigmund Larson!

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